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Calibre Recommendations


Rifled, nitro-proofed loading firearms chambered to take nitro-express cartridge of minimum:

  • 0.375/9.5 mm Elephant, hippo, buffalo & lion     

  • 0.300/7.6 mm Eland, kudu, leopard, roan, sable & zebra   

  • 0.243/6 mm Other game animals     

  • 0.22/5.5 mm All birds      

12-gauge shotgun will also do for birds


.375 is the best all-round rifle, a .416 or similar heavy calibre is a good choice for buffalo and .300 ideal for plains game.  Most importantly - be familiar with the gun you are using with a good degree of accuracy up to 200 m.  Buffalo, lion and leopard are usually taken at under 100 m.

Maximum permitted ammunition import to Zambia is 100 rounds per rifle; 200 round per shotgun.

Handgun and bow hunting are permitted in Zambia for non-dangerous species; this excludes lion, leopard, hippo and buffalo unless prior permission has been obtained from the Minister of Tourism.

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What to Pack - a rough list
  1. 3 changes of clothes

  2. A warm jacket, preferably wind proof as well

  3. Good pair of hiking boots

  4. Hat

  5. Trainers/sneakers

  6. Sandals/flip-flops

  7. Toiletries

  8. Malaria prophylaxis – check with your health professional

  9. Insect repellent - I recommend a product with high PICARIDIN content to keep tsetse flies away, such as Avon Skin-so-Soft Bug Guard Plus, Ranger Ready or Sawyer Insect Repellent (available online, at Cabella's and BassPro shops)

  10. Prescription medications for your entire safari, plus 3 extra days.

  11. Sunblock

  12. Personal first aid kit (include plasters, anti-histamine ointment, anti-bacterial ointment)

  13. Binoculars

  14. Sunglasses

  15. Camera with extra memory card and battery (we have 220V power for recharging)

  16. Lens cleaner

  17. Pocket knife/Multi-tool

  18. Compact gun cleaning kit

  19. Soft gun case(s) for travel in safari vehicle

  20. Belt and cartridge holder

  21. Day pack/small back pack

  22. Good water bottle (not too big though, you have to carry it!)

  23. Taxidermy shipping tags (from your taxidermist)

  24. Some USD cash2009 issue or newer



  • Army-style camouflage clothing is acceptable while in the bush however we seriously recommend that you do NOT wear it during travel, especially in Zambia as it is not permitted here.

  • Please only bring dark khaki clothing such as dark greens, greys and browns as lighter colours are not good camo in our environment; avoid black, blue and anything with high-contrast to the bush as these attract tsetse flies.


It may be wise to brush up on shot placement before your safari; the book “The Perfect Shot” is a good guide.  Familiarizing yourself with using ‘shooting sticks’ (a kind of tripod) is also advised as a lot of the shooting will be done using these.

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