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Hunting Areas and Species

Luangwa Valley.jpeg
Luangwa Valley

The Luangwa Valley is one of the most iconic wilderness areas in Africa and offers superb big game hunting with success rates on elephant, lion, leopard and buffalo being some of the best in Africa. Other big game like hippo and crocodile is also some of the finest. The northern Luangwa has good numbers of the endemic Cookson’s Wildebeest.

The Luangwa is the southern part of the Great Rift Valley complex with an altitude around 2,000 ft (600 m) thus experiencing a warmer climate than other parts of Zambia.

Access is via charter plane or vehicle transfer from Lusaka and Mfuwe International Airports.


Species available in the Luangwa Valley, depending on the area, are:

Lower Luangwa - our home


Our home and main hunting area is Munyamadzi Game Reserve in the Lower Luangwa Valley. In addition to Munyamadzi, Thor also has exclusive marketing and hunting rights on the neighbouring Kazumba Game Reserve. Munyamadzi and Kazumba are part of, and situated in the middle of, six private reserves on the eastern bank of the Luangwa River. On the western bank is the West Petauke GMA. This part of the Luangwa Valley is slowly becoming one of Africa's most successful conservation stories and is already one of Africa's top hunting destinations.

Species available on Munyamadzi and Kazumba are as above with the addition of Sable antelope and Chacma baboon.

The Kafue.jpeg
The Kafue

The Kafue ecosystem is very different to the Luangwa and has one of the highest variety of game species in Africa. The vegetation is predominantly Miombo woodland and has a milder climate than the Luangwa Valley. The Kafue holds the best common sable numbers and trophy quality in Africa and has superb lion and leopard trophy quality.

 Depending on the area, vehicle or charter flights can be used to get to your hunting location.

Species available in Kafue depending on area are:

Bangweulu Swamps (2).jpeg
Bangweulu Swamps

The Bangweulu Swamps is a huge freshwater marsh that surrounds Lake Bangweulu in the northern part of Zambia.  It is known for its large number of Zambezi sitatunga and is home to the endemic black lechwe.  Here, one must expect long shots of over 200 yards due to the openness of the terrain.


Access is solely by charter plane followed by a vehicle transfer to the camp.


Black lechwe hunts can be done on one day safaris where we fly in during the morning, hunt the lechwe and fly out same day. For sitatunga and other species 5-7 day safaris are required

Kafue Flats (3).jpeg
The Kafue Flats

The Kafue Flats are a seasonally flooded wetland. In this area the only species we hunt is the endemic Kafue lechwe.

Access is solely by vehicle.  Hunts usually involve day trips leaving Lusaka in the early morning, hunting and returning to Lusaka the same day.

You can expect to do a lot of walking in ankle to waist deep water and very long shots of 200-400 yards.

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